• Frequently-asked Questions

    These are common questions, if you have specific questions, please call 706-777-3030.

    Are reservations required? If space is available, we will accept last-minute walk-ins 30 minutes prior to shuttle time. However, to avoid disappointment, we strongly recommend making advance reservations.  http://bigcedarcreek.com/canoe-kayak-rentals/reserve-now/

    How do I make a reservation? Big Cedar Creek will reserve space for individuals or groups with previous reservations. Please call to make a reservation. http://bigcedarcreek.com/canoe-kayak-rentals/reserve-now/

    What if I have to cancel? A full refund will be given up to 3 days before the trip. There are no refunds for cancellations within 3 days of the trip.

    When are shuttle times: Shuttles run at  11:00 12:00 and 2:00. We will run a special shuttle time with a minimum of five boats with prepaid reservations.  Separate group reservations can be made through the office. You should allow three to five hours for your Canoeing trip.

    Can children Canoe Big Cedar Creek? According to our insurance company, participants must weigh at least 60 pounds and be at least seven years old.

    What should I bring? Plan on getting wet! Wear shorts and/or a bathing suit and shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. For cooler or rainy days, warm cloths and wet suits and neoprene booties. Bring a towel and a dry change of clothes for after your trip; and a plastic bag for your wet things.
         We recommend leaving your nice watches and jewelry back in your room. Remember, cool water can shrink your fingers, and you may lose a ring. Large coolers are not allowed on the river. Water-proof cameras are recommended for the trip. Our shop offers a great selection of t-shirts, creek gear and any last-minute items you may have left behind.

    What if it rains? Trips go on, rain or shine. And you’re going to get wet regardless of the weather.

    How difficult is Big Cedar Creek? Big cedar Creek is fun for the whole family. It has plenty of excitement all along the way, but not a raging river.  Most Amatures with just basic canoeing or kayak skills should feel pretty comfortable navigating Big Cedar Creek. But, you should be in good physical shape.

    Is canoeing really safe? Cedar Creek Park stresses safety and provides thorough safety instruction to all paddlers. Yet Tube, Canoe and Kayak like all outdoor activities comes with some risk. That’s why a signed acknowledgment of risk and liability release is a prerequisite to Water sports with any water sport company. You will be equipped with life jackets at your request, and our staff will provide you thorough safety instruction.

    Must I know how to swim? Not at all.  If you cannot swim, you must wear a life jacket. If you fall out , your life jacket will keep you afloat.

    How deep is the Big Cedar Creek? Depths range from ten inches to ten feet. 

    How cold is the river? Big Cedar Creek is spring fed, the water temperature is the 50's year ‘round.

    What about alcohol or drugs? Cedar Creek Park does not permit the consumption of alcohol or controlled substances the trips. Alcohol can dull your senses and increase risk. 

    What about Pets?  No pets are allowed on shuttle vans.   

    More questions? Call us 706-777-3030.