• It is best to plan for a day on the water. The trip usually lasts about four hours, but it is always best to be prepared. Here are a few things to make sure you bring and some things to make sure you do not bring.


    What to Wear

         - This is a water sport so you will get wet. Wear something that can get wet.

          - Bring a dry pair of clothes for after your trip.

          - You should wear river shoes. They should strap on and not be flip flops.

          - If the weather is cool, you should have clothes that remain warm even if they get wet. But not heavy clothes. In cold weather you should take a dry pair of clothes with you.

    What to Bring

           - Enough drinking water to last all day

            - Sunblock

            - Towel

            - Bug repellant

            - Snack or lunch

    What not to bring

             - Do not take valuables that you do not want to lose.

             - Do not bring alcohol. We do not allow drinking on our rental equipment

             - Do not bring anything that cannot get wet. Cell phones and cameras should be seal it in a watertight bag.

             - Do not bring your pet.

             - Do not bring large coolers.

             - Children under age 7 or 60 pounds if you are renting our equipment